Dr. Vliet’s Medical Journey

My career in medicine has been “fighting” for what I believe is right for my patients…one person at a time. I answer only to the patients and what is medically sound, not to insurance company “protocols” for one-size-fits-all medicine.

Over my career, I have been creative in figuring out what makes sense biologically, and what best meets each person’s health goals and preferences.

I adapt medical information, research and treatment options to the needs of each individual patient, even though it has meant taking approaches different from the fragmented specialty “boxes” in medicine that focus on one body part or one organ system.

Perhaps because I have been a patient through some frightening and very serious medical ordeals myself, I understand what it is like to be a patient, as I describe below. From these experiences early in my career in medicine, I became a better physician in listening to patients and what they are experiencing and need. I have focused my medical practice on being a medical detective, so to speak, to connect the dots in your health puzzle to help you get answers and solutions to feel better and live fully!

My personal goal has always been to live life to the fullest, to face the fear of the unknown, and to take charge of what I am able to control for my health in order to do everything possible to stay healthy and function optimally, even when serious health crises hit. That is my desire for my patients as well.

So call us today at Hormone Health Strategies/Vive Life Center and schedule your consultation.

Let us help you get answers and solutions for overlooked health problems that may be robbing you of your energy and zest for life!