Second Opinion Consults

Perhaps you are frustrated with just not feeling your best and don’t know why … and doctors just say “everything’s normal … you’re just stressed, you just need a vacation, or see a therapist … or take an antidepressant…”  You KNOW something is OFF, but you don’t know WHAT it is or HOW to get tested, or WHAT to do to feel better.

If this description fits YOU, then our Second Opinion Consultation may be just what you need! It’s less costly, less involved, and less hassle for you than flying to any of our offices for an in-depth evaluation … and may just be all you need to get the help you need from your own physician!

Second opinion consultations may be done by phone with a complete review of your medical records and a treatment plan of recommendations for you to work with your own physician. Under regulatory guidelines, however, prescriptions for medications cannot be provided unless you are seen in person in one of our offices.

If you later find you still cannot get the help you need locally, then you may decide later to actually come see Dr. Vliet in person for our comprehensive evaluation service so that we can actually manage your treatment and prescriptions.

Our Second Opinion service is a consultative one, and we do not take the place of your primary care physicians or other specialists. Our services are designed to provide a thorough evaluation of the many factors, particularly hormone imbalance, that may contribute to your symptoms. We then offer you treatment recommendations that encompass the best of traditional Western medicine and complementary medicine approaches where appropriate. We work to tailor our recommendations to your particular needs. We encourage you to take control of your health care decisions by being an active partner in this process.

It is our goal to provide the most thorough and up-to-date health care possible. Restoring balance and helping your body heal from health problems takes time, patience, good communication and a partnership between you and our physicians. It is your individual journey, and we embark on it with you because we want to help you feel your best. We “persevere” to help you find answers to complex problems. We look forward to helping you achieve renewed health, zest and vitality.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to optimal health. Keep in mind, this is a journey, not a quick fix. It is a process of finding what is right for you, and it takes time to reach your goals. We look forward to the opportunity to help you work toward improving your health and well-being.