Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is seriously under-recognized and under-diagnosed.
You may have it and not know it.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the most common endocrine cause of infertility and serious weight gain in young women.  It affects millions – experts estimate about 6-10% of reproductive age women struggle with this devastating metabolic imbalance.  That translates to perhaps a staggering 5 to 7 million women in the Unites States alone.

Many overweight teenaged girls, for whom strict diet and exercise are not working, have a form of PCOS, and don’t even know it.  Why is this?  One reason is that many doctors think of PCOS as mainly a problem affecting fertility.  If a woman is not trying to get pregnant, doctors don’t often think to do an evaluation for PCOS as a cause of “just” weight gain.  Besides, weight gain in teenagers is often viewed by doctors as more of an appearance issue than a serious medical problem.

Doctors haven’t taken PCOS as seriously as it deserves, often minimizing symptoms like excess body hair, weight gain, acne or thinning scalp hair, thinking they are just “cosmetic” problems of overanxious young women.  Gynecologists focus on helping women get pregnant rather than treating acne or weight gain.  Endocrinologists typically consider ovarian problems as the “turf” of gynecologists.  Mood swings in PCOS can be severe, but psychiatrists typically don’t check hormones, so they don’t identify PCOS either.  Who’s looking at the problem? What’s a woman to do?

At Vive! Life Center, Dr. Vliet wants to go beyond the fertility problems in PCOS and help those of you –whatever your age—who are struggling with weight gain, excess body hair, irregular periods, or severe acne, but are not necessarily trying to get pregnant.

Dr. Vliet isn’t about a “quick fix.” She will teach you more about learning to manage PCOS with an integrated approach using a variety of strategies so you can be as healthy as possible.