Healthy Spirit


“We cannot fragment our healing efforts by declaring them medical or spiritual but recognize only the total synchronizing process of healing, for the goal is wholeness and harmony”  – Alexis Guirdham

For your health journey,

As you seek to understand all that has happened to drain your energy, zest, vitality and well-being, I share ancient wisdom that has guided my career in medicine:

“The physician’s task is to teach men and women the physical and spiritual laws of life, and to live in accordance with God’s purpose for them.” ~Pythagoras, 6th Century B.C.

Throughout both Old Testament and Jesus’ healing ministry, the Bible emphasizes the importance of physical healing, emotional healing and healing
of the spirit.

Vive! Life Center is a Christian integrative medical practice in Dallas TX and Tucson AZ serving men and women from puberty through late life to address complex health problems affecting body, mind and one’s spiritual health. Our approach is based on the Biblical foundation of Genesis 1:27, a model rarely seen in Medicine in today’s fragmented approach based on specialties rather than how our human body functions as God designed us.

As we work together on your physical and emotional health, I am giving you this Devotional booklet to help guide your spiritual journey each day. It has meant a great deal to me personally, and I hope it will help you in finding God’s purpose for your life to better fulfill His plan.

In His service for your health,

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Founder and Medical Director

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